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Collegiate Pursuit


We all know college can be a place of new people and opportunities, some more beneficial than others. Finally free from parents, students are bombarded with people to meet, activities to attend, causes to give time and money to, and different academic and extracurricular groups to join daily. As most freshmen are, I was overwhelmed when first coming to LSU. Fortunately, my older sisters had already paved the way to the doors of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry where I quickly met other freshmen and made friends. Getting involved in a freshmen Bible study and visiting churches as soon as I got there helped me feel like moving 16 hours away from my family and friends was NOT a huge mistake, a thought that crossed my mind the night before I left home.

But even at the BCM, everything is vying for your time. Fortunately, I followed the call to visit local churches, ended up at First Baptist, and I couldn’t be happier. FBC has become a second home to me with people just as important to me as family.

I’m so thankful that I was pursued by the church and welcomed with such love! Instead of wasting my college years, I was shown through the Church what it meant to really live a life of faith. I was given the opportunity to make my faith, MY faith and not my parents’. I was able to meet other college students who also valued this time of life to grow in their faith. And I was reminded of why we are even here on Earth in the first place.

Ultimately, I want to say thank you to FBC. Thank you for pursuing college students like myself. Thank you for giving them the option to avoid the many pitfalls that are available to them around campus. Thank you for believing in the next generation of the Church. Please never lose your heart for this group.