Act of Approach – He Is Working


Sovereign, Infinite Filler of Souls,

Help me now to always be in submission to you God,

to be dependent upon You,

found on the path where You do walk

and where your Holy Spirit moves,

warning me of my wandering ways

and of growing insensitive to your love.

You do not move men like stones are moved,

rather you indwell them with life

not to give us permission to move without You

but in submission to You, the one who moves first.

O Lord, I am astonished at the difference

between what I have received and what I deserve;

between the state I am in now and my past state of despair;

between the heaven that I am bound for, and the hell I merit.

Who could have caused this great difference in me but you O God!

for I was no more willing to receive Christ than any other man.

I could not have taken the first step toward you,

had you not first loved me;

nor would I have even been willing,

had you not first made me able.

O that such a crown would fit the head of such a sinner like me!

such a glorious position for one as unfruitful as myself!

such joys so wondrous for a rebel so wretched!

Infinite wisdom designs the means and ends of salvation,

established and built on divine purchase and spiritual freedom.

Let wrath deserved be written on the door of hell.

But the free gift of grace on the gates of heaven.

I know that much of my suffering is the result of my own sinning,

but in heaven both will no longer exist.

Permit me by your grace to set foot on that eternal shore,

and to be done with my sailing in this life;

may the powerful winds of your mercy blow me safely into that glorious harbor.

May your steadfast love draw me ever nearer to you;

purify me from my selfishness,

teach me to die to this world,

and make me ready for my departure for my eternal home.

Secure me, Lord, by your grace as I sail across this stormy sea.


– Translation from The Mover, Valley of Vision, p.12


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