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What Can My Child Understand About Easter?

kids-835146_960_720One of the goals of our ministry is to be age appropriate. We understand that as kids move from preschool to preteen, their capability to understand Biblical truths grow as well. We never have to shy away from what the Bible teaches, but we can always do it in a way where children can understand.

For example, a preschooler can understand that God loves them, while a preteen can go deeper, understanding that believers can live with joy regardless of their situation because of God’s great love.

So what can your child understand about Easter? Of course, each child is different, but LifeWay has put together a nice recourse that can help parents and teachers have a general idea of what concepts kids can grasp at different ages. It’s called the Levels of Biblical Learning, and it covers 10 areas including salvation, creation, and the Bible.

Here are some snippets from this resource that might help you this Easter see what your child can understand about this holy day!


Younger Preschool They are beginning to recognize and sing simple songs about Jesus. They can understand that Jesus loves them, Jesus did everything God told Him to do, and the basic fact that Jesus is alive.

Middle Preschool They are beginning to develop a conscience and are sensitive to feelings of shame and guilt. They can understand that Jesus loves people. They start understanding the concept that Jesus is God’s Son and that He always obeyed God. You can also start helping them understand that Jesus is with God.

Older Preschool They can see Jesus as a friend and a helper, and are starting to make conclusions about God. Here, they can really start to comprehend that Jesus died on the cross and is alive. Along with that, they can understand that Jesus is God’s one and only Son, that Jesus was tempted to sin but did not, and that Jesus is in heaven with God.

Younger Kids As we jump from preschool to elementary, kids start seeing consequences to sin and most can begin to have a simple understanding of the gospel. For Easter, these kids can understand that Jesus died on the cross, and God raised Him from the dead. They start to know that it means when we say that Jesus was sent to be my Savior. They can also start to grasp salvation even more, understanding that Jesus took the punishment for people’s sins, God will forgive me if I ask Him., and people who trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord are Christians.

Middle Kids These formative years are when kids start asking serious questions about religion and start forming their values. They can understand a bigger picture of Easter. For example, they can know that God planned for Jesus to be the Savior from the beginning of time, Jesus died to pay the penalty for sin, and Jesus is the Messiah and Savior. Their picture of salvation grows as well. They  can understand that salvation is the gift of eternal life in heaven with God. Through salvation, God adopts us as His children. They know what you mean when you say, “When the Holy Spirit convicts you of my sin, you can trust Jesus as your personal Savior.”

Preteens At this stage in life, they are forming concepts of personal worth and are seeking spiritual answers. Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection were a necessary part of God’s plan for the forgiveness of sin. God sent Jesus to fulfill His promise of redemption. Jesus sits at God’s right hand and intercedes for us as our advocate, mediator, and high priest. When Jesus returns, all things will be made new. When it comes to salvation, preteens can know that people cannot save themselves. Jesus died to pay the penalty for my sins, redeeming and rescuing me from sin and death. They also see that a growing relationship with Jesus is important and necessary. A Christian experiences joy when he recognizes God is at work in his life and in the lives of others.


This is only a small sampling of the Levels of Biblical Learning, and I highly encourage you to check out the full resource. The breakdown is extremely helpful!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope to see you at FBCBR!

M-JAM 2016 Report

Last weekend our kids joined hundreds of others from around the area to participate in M-JAM 2016. M-JAM is a day of mission’s awareness and mission activity that builds faith foundations with a Gospel presentation, introduces children to “real live” missionaries and gives them an opportunity to do mission activities with children from around the state.

We started the day off right with the opening celebration and worship. Leading was Jeff Slaughter, formally of Lifeway. For the past 26 years, Jeff Slaughter has been laughing, singing, dancing and worshiping with kids! His heart’s desire is to equip them with God’s word through music and to help them discover what a passionate relationship with Jesus is all about.

Before singing each song, Jeff would demonstrate the sign language that goes with the lyrics and explain how the songs use truths found in the Bible to help us worship God. I loved how he was able to put terms on their level of understanding and allow them to worship.

Abbie and Caleb, two students from LSU, did a fantastic job helping bring the story of Zacchaeus to life. With games and volunteers from the audience, the kids discovered how Jesus can rescue us from sin. The two also showed the kids how they could share that good news with their friends simply using their hands to tell the Gospel message. Adam and Eve were with God (hands together), but they sinned and we were separated from God (hands apart). But Jesus came, lived a perfect life, and defeated death so that we can be forgiven and brought back together with God (hands together in a fist). And nothing can separate us from that love (try to pull hands apart, but they are locked together).

Next we met a couple of missionaries that serve in Africa. The kids really enjoyed seeing what life was like for them. They took questions from our kids and told them all about what it is like to be serving God in a different country.

Finally we met Gibbie McMillian, the Men’s Ministry and Disaster Relief Strategist for Louisiana Baptists. He showed us what Baptists are doing here and around the world when disaster strikes. In a world that asks “Why?” Gibbie told kids that they come with the answers.

The kids were able to hear about the Cooperative Program and all that it helps with…which is a lot! Just see here!CP-Info-COMP2-RDC-1



We want our kids to know Jesus, grow in Bible skills, and to develop a heart to serve others. M-JAM touches on all those areas. Thank you for allowing us to go to M-JAM!