Act of Approach – Spiritual Helps


Eternal Father,

It is such amazing love,

that you have sent your Son Jesus

to suffer in my place

and you have given the Holy Spirit to me

to teach, comfort, and guide me,

and you have allowed the ministry of your angels

to surround and protect me.

All of heaven looks upon the welfare of this poor worm.

Please allow your unseen servants

to be all the more active in my life

that I might rejoice all the more as your grace grows in me.

Do not permit your heavenly servants to rest until my earthly conflict is over,

and I stand victoriously on the shores of Heaven.

Do not allow my proneness to evil,

my numbness to good,

and my resistance to your Spirit’s movement

to ever provoke you to abandon me.

May my hardened heart awake your pity, not your wrath,

and if the enemy gains an advantage through my corruption,

let it be seen that heaven is mightier than hell,

and those who are for me are greater than those who are against me.

Rise to my help, O LORD,

and bless me once again with your covenant promises,

Keep me fed in the pastures of your sustaining Word,

as I search the Scriptures to find You there.

If my wandering is corrected with discipline,

enable me to receive it with humility,

to bless your correcting hand,

to understand the purposes of your rebuke,

and to respond quickly by faith and trust in you.

Let all your fatherly actions lead me to see your holiness.

Cause me, when I fall, to sink lower on my knees,

and that when I rise from prayer it may be

to a greater devotion to You and your glory.

May my cross be ever sanctified,

that every loss be gain,

that every denial be a spiritual blessing,

that every dark day be illuminated by Your Spirit,

and that every night of trial be a song to your goodness.



Translation from Valley of Vision, p. 242.


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