Summer Camp Recap for Adults (Part 5)

5058378176_f837887fb0_bNote: This is the fifth in a five part series on devotionals for adults from CentriKid camps. See part one for more information.

Part 5: A Disciple Experiences God Through Christian Community

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed the highest stressors among Americans as money and time. Because humans view these two aspects of life with such importance, we also have a tendency to attempt to control these assets with an iron fist.

As a follower of Christ, you are part of much larger family than just yourself, your friend group, or even the people at your church. You are a part of the huge body of Christ.

Read Romans 12:3-8

God has gifted each member of His body with a unique story or journey, special gifts and blessings, and particular callings. As a Christian, you are not intended to be isolated, but to be engaged in Christian community. God wants us to use the abilities He has given in order to build one another up in Christ

Think about ways you can engage more deeply in Christian community when you return home. Maybe you need to join a small group or seek out a mentor to guide you and challenge you in your walk with Christ. Perhaps you should introduce yourself to a neighbor, or ask a friend to coffee for intentional conversation about Christ.

Briefly share your journey with your partner. You may want to describe your initial encounter with the Lord, and explain what the Lord is teaching you right now. Find out how you can pray for one another and commit to pray for one another.


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