Summer Camp Recap for Adults (Part 4)

Boca_culture_003Note: This is the forth in a five part series on devotionals for adults from CentriKid camps. See part one for more information.

 Part 4: A Disciple Engages with God Through Giving

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed the highest stressors among Americans as money and time. Because humans view these two aspects of life with such importance, we also have a tendency to attempt to control these assets with an iron fist.

Take a piece of paper and write down the days of the week along the top. Spend a few moments filling out the weekly log with your normal routine. How much of your time is devoted to your job? Your family? Spending time in prayer and Scripture reading? Serving at church?

Flip the sheet of paper over and write down the following words: food, fun, family, church, bills, other. Think about where your money goes. Next to the words, write out the percentage of your money that goes to those areas. Spend a few moments reflecting on how your spending reflects your priorities.

Read the story of the widow’s gift in Mark 12:41-44.

In this passage, the two simple coins given by the poor widow were worth more to Jesus than the large sums put in by the rich. The widow could not give as much as others, but her attitude of giving was more pleasing to Jesus. In this case, it was not so much the amount but the attitude that was of true value.

We try to exercise control over everything to the extent it becomes a stress on our lives. Ultimately, every cent of money that we possess and every second of time we have already belong to God. God commands that we devote our time and money to Him, and when we do not, it is disobedience. Like the widow, He is not focused on the amount we give, but on our attitude. As such, we should give cheerfully and humbly, recognizing that anything we have is already a gift from Him.

Grab a sticky note and list the things or areas of your life you need to give to the Lord. Think about areas of your budget that need to be redistributed to either your church or a ministry that God has put on your mind. Consider areas of your daily schedule that you could better use in service at church or mentoring others.

Give it to God

Take out your wallet, your watch, your planner, or your phone as a representation of your time and money. Hold these items in the palm of your hand as a sign of surrender and giving back to God. Ask God to show you areas of your time and money that you need to surrender to Him. Pray for opportunities to give your time and money to honor Him. Review your sticky note and commit to give those things to the Lord.


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