Act of Approach – Need of Jesus


LORD Jesus,

I am blind, be my light and vision,

ignorant, be my wisdom and understanding

self-willed, be my mind and desire

Open my ear to grasp quickly your Spirit’ voice,

and delightfully run to take hold of His hand.

Dissolve my conscience that no hardness against you remains,

make it aware to the slightest touch of evil.

When Satan comes near, help me flee to your cross

and there calm my fears and trembling.

Be my Good Shepherd

lead me into the green pastures of your Word,

and cause me to lie down near the river of comfort in your presence,

Fill me with peace, that no noisy, worldly shouts can disturb the quiet you give my soul,

Your cross was raised to be my refuge,

Your blood flowed down to wash me clean,

Your death occurred to give me assurance,

Your name is my greatest hope to be saved;

By your grace all of heaven is poured into my heart;

but my heart is too narrow to comprehend your love.

I was a stranger, an outcast, a slave, a rebel,

but your cross has brought me near, and

has softened my heart,

has made me a child of God my Father,

has adopted me into your family,

has made me a joint-heir with You

O that I would love you as you love me,

that I would walk worthy of you, my Lord and Savior,

that I might reflect the image of you, heaven’s first-born Son.

May I always see your beauty with the clear eyes of faith,

and feel the power of your Spirit in my heart,

for unless you move with might in me,

no inward fire of faith will be kindled.


Adapted from Valley of Vision, p.186-817


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