Act of Approach – Leaning



O God Above,

Occupy the throne of my heart,

Take full possession and reign supreme

Put down every rebel lust of my heart

Let no wicked passion deny your Spirit’s presence

Show your power in me through this day, and every day

And remind me that I am yours forever and ever.

You are worthy to be

praised with my every breath

loved with all my ability

served with every act of my life

You have loved me, rescued me, welcomed me

Purchased, washed clean, shown favor, and clothed me in your grace

I was still dirty with sin and spoiled by fleshly corruption

I was dead in my transgressions against you

Without eyes to see you

Nor ears to hear you

Nor understanding to know you

Yet by your Holy Spirit you made me new,

You brought me into a new world as a new creature

With spiritual understanding

And you have opened me to your Word

My Light

My Guide

My Refuge

My Joy

Your presence is to me a treasure of unending peace;

Nothing in this world can separate me from your compassionate grace

For you have drawn me close to you with unconditional love

And you keep me in that love hour by hour, every single day.

Help me O God to walk in a manner worthy of your love

Whether in my hopes, dreams, and daily occupation

Keep me close to you, because I cannot remain close by my own power

Protect me from evil and the Evil One

Let me set aside the sins that others praise as good

Help me to walk with you, leaning on your arm for strength

In the fellowship of spirit and truth

May you make me the salt of the earth and the light of Christ in the darkness

That I may honor you by being a blessing to others.


Adapted from  The Valley of Vision, p.84-85


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