Power in the Manger


For whom did Jesus come? German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer gives us a glimpse of the hope and promise we have in the manger, where the Christ child slept and where his earthly journey began to redeem his Father’s creation. Jesus came for the poor, lowly, and humble. Let us not think so much of ourselves that we are unable to kneel in humility and submission  at the manger.

“For the great and powerful of this world, there are only two places in which their courage
fails them, of which they are afraid deep down in their souls, form which they shy away.
These are the manger and the cross of Jesus Christ. No powerful person dares to approach
the manger, and this even includes King Herod. For this is where  thrones shake, the mighty
fall, the prominent perish, because God is with the lowly. Here the rich come to nothing,
because God is with the poor and hungry, but the rich and satisfied he sends away empty.
Before Mary, the maid, before the manger of Christ, before God in lowliness, the powerful
come to naught; they have no right, no hope, they are judged. . .”

“Who among us will celebrate Christmas correctly? Whoever finally lays down all power, all honor, all reputation, all vanity, all arrogance, all individualism beside the manger; whoever remains lowly and lets God alone be high; whoever looks at the child in the manger and sees the glory of God precisely in his lowliness.”

From God Is In The Manger by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (p.26)


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