Chainsaws and Surf Boards: an Exciting Wednesday and Thursday in Hawaii

My laptop’s clock never changed to reflect the new time zone that we’re in here in Hawaii. Right now it’s telling me that it’s 5:19 AM (meaning it’s actually just a bit past midnight). Yeah, it’s been a long day…

 So we left off our last blog post with us being tired. Especially being tired of painting. But would you like to guess what we’ve been doing the past two days? If your answer is painting, then you’re right. Yesterday we spent almost all day at Aina Haina Baptist church, were some of us went for Easter Sunday. It’s a small church of about 25 (mostly older) people who are just as sweet as sweet can be. We helped them do three major things: one group trimmed up a bunch of plumeria clippings to get them small enough to fit into the dumpster, one group started painting a shed that was built up on stilts on a hillside, and one group went adventuring up on a vegetated, overgrown, rocky mountainside, following Pastor Gary and his chainsaw, to cut up some dead Hawaiian mesquite trees and hand the lumber back down the mountainside. It was quite a sight to see. Like every group here, they fed us a fantastic lunch, and after lunch we spent the afternoon with our favorite task–painting.

            Today the group got to go take a tour of Pearl Harbor and learn a little bit about American History and pay our respects to fallen servicemen and women. Around lunch time, we came back and helped serve at the BCM’s International Student lunch, which was a good opportunity to reach out to the students here. Then, this afternoon, you guessed it…more painting! Tomorrow night is CRASH, the BCM’s biggest outreach event. They expect over 100 students to show up, a huge portion of whom don’t attend most BCM things. And let me say, from all the time we’ve spent painting the fellowship hall here this week, this is going to be the best looking CRASH this place has seen. It really has made a significant difference, and it’s good to know how much everyone here appreciates it.

            Finally, tonight, we got to experience the most wonderful of Hawaiian traditions: surfing! A few students took our group out to Waikiki and taught everyone who wanted to learn how to surf, which was definitely a fun and exciting experience. If any of you are taking a beach vacation and want some pointers on surfing, ask Larkin. He picked it up pretty quick and I’m sure he’d be happy to tell you all about it.

            Like I said earlier, tomorrow night is a big night for the BCM here. It’s when they have the most students come into a non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere, and it makes for a great place to be intentional in conversations about sharing the gospel. So be praying for that as you read this, that God can use this event to make His name known on the campus here and that people will be blessed by it.


Love y’all and God bless


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