Prayer Walking, Outreach, and Paintbrushes: The Guts of Ministry


Apologies for being so late with this post. We’ve been extremely busy the past two days, staying out late, so I haven’t had the energy to write at the end of the day. But here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to.

Monday morning we had two tasks: half the time we spent prayer walking around the University of Hawaii campus and reaching out to students to invite them to this week’s BCM events and the other half we spent wiping down all the dirt on the walls in the BCM in preparation for today’s painting. In the afternoon we went to Central Baptist Church here in Honolulu to help them with a youth outreach event. Central Baptist is located right across the corner from Roosevelt High School and just two blocks down from Stevenson Middle School, and the people of the (small) church have a heart for reaching out to the teenagers that are literally across the street. Unfortunately, the students just haven’t been very receptive, which is discouraging to Pastor Shane and his crew. We helped set up for the event and then once school let out most of our group went out on the sidewalks around the school and invited the students to come over to the church, where we were handing out free hot dogs and chips and drinks. Most of the students were skeptical and kept asking why we were just giving them free food, which led to a few good conversations about the church wanting to bless the students. I know it was an encouragement to the staff to have all of us there helping, so be in prayer for them that they can keep focused and persistent in their ministry and that God will use them to reach out to those two schools that are so desperately in need of Him.

            After our afternoon at Central Baptist, we spent the better part of our late afternoon/evening with some great team building, hiking the Koko Head trail. Koko Head is a peak on the southeastern part of Oahu that’s about 1200 ft high, and the trail up to it is just an old military outpost railway tram track that runs to the top. Which you get to climb like a staircase. A 1200 foot tall staircase. So it’s a pretty tough hike, but it was a great time for us all to bond through perseverance together. It makes for a great illustration of our faith journeys as well, but I’ll save that for another day.


            Today we painted. And painted. And painted some more. Then, after we finished painting, we kept painting. Or at least it felt like it. We painted the BCM’s kitchen, a good portion of their pantry/storeroom (which is about 3x the size of the kitchen), and their rec room/chapel/fellowship hall (which is about 6 times the size of their pantry). So, needless to say, we painted a lot. All the while, we found time to take all the screens off the windows in those rooms and wash the window slats and window screens, which get filthy from the volcanic ash that floats in from the big island. It may have been very menial work, but everyone has been so appreciative of it, because today we accomplished a bunch of small tasks that, all together, make the place look amazingly better. Also, Laura was able to take some hideous old faded baseball, basketball, and football shaped tables and paint some Hawaiian scenes on them to make them look completely new and so much better looking. The picture above is of them; I took it from the instagram of one of the students that lives in the BCM here. It’s the only pic I’ve gotten in the last two days because I haven’t had a chance to download from anyone’s camera.

            Anyway, to bring it all to a close tonight we had The Vine, which the BCM’s weekly worship service. There were about 60 people in all, and afterwards we all came back to the BCM and had dinner together. In his sermon tonight, Arjay talked about Luke 9:18-29 and being radically obedient to Christ’s call and how that looks in our lives. One of the things he talked about was how we’re called to live rightly even when we don’t feel like it, and I think that perfectly applied to our group yesterday and today. We’ve pretty much been going non stop and everyone has got to be exhausted (I know am) from all the work we’ve done, but even today when you could see everyone just being so tired of painting, we all fought through and kept working to get the job done. You should be proud of your students, FBC, they’ve done a great job so far. Tomorrow we go to Aina Haina Baptist to do some work clearing out dead trees and fixing up an unfinished shed. Plus whatever else they cook up for us to do between now and then. So pray for energy for us all that we don’t get too exhausted and that we can keep going.


Remember that time I said this was going to be quick? I guess it’s just been a busy few days…

Love y’all



One thought on “Prayer Walking, Outreach, and Paintbrushes: The Guts of Ministry

  1. Carol McCutchen says:

    Hi FBC folks – I can only imagine from the mission trips I’ve taken in the past that you ALL must be exhausted by now and in such a good way!! You are making such an impact for our Lord on the Hawaiians and they in turn will do the same for their island/state. You are all being remembered by many here at home in prayer on a daily basis – thank you for all you are doing in the name of Christ! FBC is proud of you!!

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