Aloha, Ohana! (that means hello, family!)


Aloha from Hawaii! For all of you back on the mainland, you can rest easily knowing that we made it here safely (after a nice twelve hours worth of flying). Though we haven’t been here for more than a day, the differences between here and the mainland are striking. Hawaii is known as the “Crossroads of the Pacific” because there are cultural influences from all across the Pacific Ocean. The ethnic makeup includes native Hawaiians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, other Southeast Asians, and all of the ethnicities we have on the mainland. The island of Oahu and the city of Honolulu have close to 1 million people from all walks of life: it’s commonplace here to walk through the streets and see a group of homeless people on one corner and a multi-million dollar house on the next.

Across the Island of Oahu, there are 6 different college campuses that the BCM here reaches out to. Of the over 65,000 students, between 1% and 2% claim Christ as their savior, so they definitely have their work cut out for them here. To give you an idea of where we will be staying, I posted a picture of the BCM’s dorm above. They have an old plantation house that houses around 20 students who live and work at the BCM here.

We’re about to leave to go work for the day; today we’ll be helping with an Easter Egg Hunt and Block Party outreach for a local church. We’ll have pictures by the end of our day here (which will be about 3AM back in Baton Rouge!)

Today, pray we have energy and are not jet lagged from the flight. Pray that we can encourage the people of University Avenue Baptist Church to reach out to their community in spread Christ in this lost place. And pray for the BCM here at the University of Hawaii in their mission to reach out to all of those lost students.

Mahalo FBC, we love you!


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