Summer Psalms

The following questions are posted for your personal reflection on the Psalms that we’ve studied together on Sunday Mornings. If you have comments, please feel free to post them below.

Psalm 13

1) Consider v.1 for a moment. Do you ever feel as though God “hides his face” from you? What causes/caused you to feel that way?

2) Read v. 2-5 again. Is your fear of abandonment something from God or something from within your own heart? What do you find when you seek counsel within your own heart? What is the remedy to what you find?

3) Can you see how God has dealt bountifully with you (v.6)? Do you see his faithfulness and gracious provision for you despite how unworthy you are? List some ways which God’s “bountiful care” is evident in your life. Does this cause you to praise him?

Psalm 14

1) According to this Psalm, what makes a person a fool? What do the words “there is no God” reveal about the inclinations of the human heart?

2) What do vs. 2-4 tell you about yourself? Apart from God’s grace, what is your status before God?

3) God is for his people, what Psalm 14 calls the “righteous generation (v.5).” But how can you be certain that you are part of the righteous generation? Who is your refuge? (hint: Philippians 3:8-11)

Psalm 15

1) What is the Psalmist asking in v. 1?

2) What do vs. 2-5 tell us about the character of those who “dwell with God?”

3) Where have you been disobedient in regards to these expectations?

4) Turn to Jesus. Repent of your sin and pray for the Lord’s strength to help you submit to his word. Remember, he is for you and your good.


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