Welcome to the FBC Baton Rouge Blog

Hello. My name is Oren Conner and I have the honor of serving as the lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, LA. We are a centrally located church in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. Our church has a rich history (138 years) of effective gospel ministry and cultural influence in the city of Baton Rouge, and our prayer is that we will continue to see that gospel influence continue for years to come. It is only by the grace of God that we are here and it is only by His grace that will continue to move forward, with the prayer that we will be able to do something good for the welfare and health of our city.

I am honored that you have dropped by to check out the new blog. By no means am I a blogging expert, and to be honest, I’ve been quite reluctant to pick up this new concept, only because of the time and commitment it requires to do it well. This is not something that I want to enter into half-heartedly or with the notion that this will somehow magically write itself. The truth is, this blog will require time and effort to make it effective and useful for those who read it.

But why a blog? Let me briefly share with you the threefold purpose of this blog:

1) This will be another way to communicate important information with our church members. Technology is wonderful and we plan to use it!
2) We hope to introduce ourselves to our local community and to the city of Baton Rouge through what is regularly posted here.
3) This blog is an opportunity to express the truths of God’s Word in written form in hopes that it will be a benefit to those who read it.

Our church exists to be a blessing to the city in which we live. We want to be a church that is FOR our city, not just IN our city. So we are here, by God’s grace, to make some significant contribution to the welfare of downtown Baton Rouge because we love our city and because Jesus loves our city. Baton Rouge is a wonderful and beautiful place to live and we are proud to call it home. If you are wondering about the title of this blog “WE ARE DOWNTOWN”, you will have to wait a bit. There is much more on that later. . .

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you back here very soon.


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